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Logic has its roots firmly planted in agriculture primarily because the need for these products arose from our founder, Willie Rutherford, living and working the family farm during the 1960s and 1970s. The Logic tractor was the first "grand idea" which evolved from youthful enthusiasm and innovative thinking with no real thought given to the practicalities involved! However, the ideas behind this were so revolutionary it found its way onto the BBC Tomorrow's World.

The Logic yard scraper with quick attach system and the Logic 56 Bale Snatcher were the first products to come out of Logic as a business - a business that has grown to celebrate its 40th birthday in 2010.

In the late 1970s, Logic recognised the potential of the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) as a unique vehicle for use in UK agriculture.

UK farmers led the world in adopting the ATV as a superb way of getting about the farm. Logic led the world in designing and manufacturing innovative equipment that extended the use of these versatile vehicles making the most of their low ground pressure capability and turning them into indispensable tools on many farms. Today most UK farms have a quad or UTV about the place and Logic has always been at the leading edge of this revolution in agricultural practice, designing and manufacturing equipment that is ingenious, practical, robust and cost-effective. And since the introduction of cross-compliance rules, this takes on a still more important element.

Logic ATV

From the humble stock trailer, via our range of livestock feeders, slug pelleters, weed control and grass care products, right through to our System 40 products which utilise tractor-sized equipment, Logic products are renowned for their sheer quality and total fitness-for-purpose.

All Logic equipment is manufactured by a company which understands the tasks you need to do and so benefits from superior design. It is made in the UK from high-quality raw materials ensuring confidence in its superior construction. It finds the perfect balance between strength and weight, giving it superior performance. We believe that it is the best you can buy and we stand by our products.

It is fair to say that any farmer that has owned a Logic product will recognise its quality and value.