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Surface Pro LSP150P

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Standard Features

  • 1.5 metre width
  • Raise and lower by electric ram - with a control box switch, mounted close to the operator.
  • Depth adjustment - is controlled using a combination of rear roller, spring tine setting, into one of 3 holes and drawbar pitch.
  • Levelling Board - which is set in relation to the rear roller to provide a final levelling of material before consolidation by the rear roller. This is particularly useful on loose surfaces.
  • Adjustable drawbar for altering the hitch height to suit different towing vehicles.
  • Low ground pressure tyres 20 x 7-8 ensuring all round capability on hard and soft surfaces.
  • Swivel hitch with 50mm ball coupling.


  • Perimeter Plough - used to draw in material thrown up around the side boards. It is attached to the main frame and incorporates a parking bracket to locate the plough when not in use. It features a rubber leading edge to prevent any damage when running along the side boards.
  • Alternative Hitches - e.g. Clevis, for use behind other suitable towing vehicles