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Electro Broadcaster EBC TFS

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Standard Features

  • Spreads grass seed, herbicide granules, fertiliser, slug pellets, etc.
  • Slug pellet spread range between 12 - 24 m with TFL/TFS80 motor 
  • Slug pellet spread range 24m+ with TFS120 motor
  • Small seed spread range (eg. grass) up to 6m with either motor
  • Hopper capacity of 85 or 130 litre
  • Adjustable spread pattern
  • Requires AE500 wiring harness for ATV use


  • AE500 Wiring Harness
  • Game feeder version (EBC-BD12) see Gamekeeping section
  • Powered on/off control - synchro control - ability to adjust spreading widths
  • Mounting kits available