Grassland Maintenance tips for ATV and UTV

Grassland Maintenance tips for ATV and UTV

Raking out dead thatch and stimulating growth

Using a harrow allows light, air, water and nutrients down to root level and is highly beneficial stimulating healthy growth.

The Logic Pro-Harrow can be towed by an ATV or any other suitable vehicle. It is in its element when pulling out dead thatch from pastures

The Pro-Harrow is ideal when re-seeding or over-seeding a paddock, as seen here, used in conjunction with a Logic Electro-broadcaster on the ATV, then firmed into the soil with a Ballast Roller to ensure a good germination of seed.

The Logic Super-Harrow provides superior harrowing on all surfaces. The frame incorporates a 12v ram, which means the implement can be raised and lowered easily to regulate the pressure on the tines for delicate surfaces and when reversing into corners or transporting to storage. Its unique ‘float’ mechanism allows the harrow to work effectively on uneven ground. The tines are adjustable so that you can fine tune the harrow to perform different tasks, eg. simple harrowing through to re-grading gallops.

Chain Harrow CH

Levelling ground & aerating damaged areas

Where grassland areas have been plunged, compacted or waterlogged, they will require levelling and aerating to bring them back to optimum condition.

Chain Harrows are simple and economic drag units, ideal for levelling, scarifying and improving the health and appearance of paddocks.

Ballast Rollers are perfect for levelling soft ground or for use after reseeding worn areas.

Terr-ator is a heavy duty aerator which slits swards or compacted areas allowing air and water down to root level. This process relieves compaction and generally boosts plant health and productivity.

Keeping the grass short & nutritious


With the regular use of a mower, grass quality and quantity can be managed and improved whilst keeping weeds under control. Rougher ground can also be transformed into useful grazing areas. Logic’s range of mowers are designed for performance with heavy duty construction, designed for quick, efficient and safe mowing. The range  includes – Flail mowers for cutting the toughest of vegetation and topping pastures and Rotary mowers for topping large areas and regular use on driveways and orchards.

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Spreading fertiliser & Controlling weeds

Spreading fertiliser/minerals can be easily carried out where improved grazing or the production of hay is required.

Logic Ground Driven Spreaders are simple, robust and reliable, ideal for top dressing paddocks or small fields and can be towed by any suitable vehicle. There is a range of sizes to suit all areas.

Logic Electro Broadcasters > are suitable for applying grass seeds, minerals and other top dressings of trace elements as well as low volume fertiliser rates on small areas. These units are powered from the carrying vehicle’s 12v electrical system and can be mounted in a number of positions to suit the vehicle.

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Controlling weeds

Our range of sprayers makes controlling weeds a simple task.

Spraying weeds at the right time is essential to get the best results. Having your own, or sharing a unit like this avoids the problem of waiting for a friend or contractor to fit your work in. Our range includes On Board, Trailed Sprayers are ideal for spot spraying through to whole field control as well as for general tidying up around yards and buildings. Our Deck mounted sprayers are easy to mount into a UTV to provide a large 270 litre capacity, with the operation being controlled from the driver’s seat.

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