Mowing & Topping with an ATV or UTV

Mowing & Topping with an ATV or UTV

With the regular use of a mower, grass quality and quantity can be managed and improved whilst keeping weeds under control. Rougher ground can also be transformed into useful grazing areas.

Flail Mower/Topper MFP

Logic Flail Mowers are designed to cut heavier material as well as topping pastures and feature heavy duty construction, anti-scalping roller to prevent sward damage, off-settable drawbar to cut under trees and bushes, height adjustable drawbar to enable towing by any suitable vehicle and remote engine kill switch for added safety.

Rotary Mower/Topper TRM

Logic Rotary Mowers are designed for topping large areas quickly and efficiently, ideal for regular use on paddocks, driveways and orchards, etc. Cutting widths available are 1.2m and 1.5m wide with cutting height range from 20mm to 160mm.