12v De-Icing ATV Spreader (85L) EBC-TS85PP

The EBC-TS range of spreaders are designed to broadcast free flowing de-icing products. Each unit features a strong all-welded galvanised frame, polyethylene hopper, stainless steel metering unit and corrosive resistant fixings. All these components are designed to achieve good performance over a long life.

The control box allows control of the feed and disc speed which dictates spread width, which is useful when moving from footpaths to roadways.

The metering plate bias adjustment permits spread patterns to one side or the other and the mounting frame not only simplifies the attachment to the carrying vehicle, it allows tilting of the unit to affect the spread width and keep the base plate free of dust build-up which is important for component protection.

The spreading disc has 4 vanes rather than 3, with more height than average spreaders to prevent build up of material on the disc.

These spreading units can be used to either protect surfaces prior to expected frosts, or remove existing frost deposits, simply by adjusting the application rate.

For similar products see EBC-TS130PP and EBC-TS300PP

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