Ballast Roller BR

Ballast Roller BR

The BR150/180 has a 1.5m or 1.8m wide roller which is robustly made with a heavy wall diameter for strength and performance.

Trailed Bowser Range SLB620HM (arena watering system)

SLB620HM is essentially an engine driven pump water bowser with the addition of a menage watering kit, making it ideal for quickly “damping down” arenas and all weather gallops. This unit can spray up to 600 litres of water in under 2 minutes. Spray width can be altered to suit requirements by simply adjusting the engine revs. This product can also be utilised as a powered 600 litre bowser.

There is an option of a suction hose kit which allows you to “self-fill” the bowser from any available fresh water source.


Super Harrow LSH (arena/gallop)

Super Harrow LSH

This represents the best in harrow technology. The Super Harrow has special spring tines mounted on a frame. This ensures that the tines are kept in firm contact with the surface at all times, The Super Harrow can be used on menages to quickly dress the top surface. The Super Harrow is excellent on all-weather gallops, quickly grading the surface ready for the next session.. Developed by EinbockTM (the Number One brand for agricultural harrows) this technology pioneered organic weeding and plant stimulation methods. The 2.0m width gives good work rates and the tine settings are adjustable to cope with different conditions and for easy transport. A 12v electric ram lifts the tines from the ground, allowing trash to be easily cleared, rapid transport between sites and enabling the Super Harrow to be reversed into awkward corners.

The Logic Super Harrow has rows of spring tines mounted on a frame which can be towed behind any suitable vehicle, from an ATV to 4x4s or small tractors. The ATV option gives the Super Harrow excellent low ground pressure ability. The tine settings are adjustable and the frame is raised and lowered using a 12v ram. Construction benefits from Logic’s legendary strength and attention to detail.

Surface Pro LSP150P

Many of today’s arenas contain synthetic surfaces incorporating mixed fibres, washed silica sand and waxed coatings.  These provide a stable, dynamic and evenly compacted surface.

When you have invested a lot of money on such a sophisticated all weather surface it needs regular and careful grooming. This will maintain the structure and ‘feel’ of the surface and will extend the life of the facility.

The Logic Surface Pro has been designed with a light but strong chassis with large low ground pressure wheels, which makes it so easy to handle and can be parked or hitched up to a suitable towing vehicle in seconds.


Salt Spreader GDS150

Salt Spreader GDS150

The GDS150 Gritter is the latest model in the Logic Ground Drive Salt Spreader range. With its smaller capacity of 270litre (approx 335kg) it offers a suitable size machine for working behind smaller vehicles such as quads/ATVs, compact tractors, etc. but with the same unique design features and performance of other GDS models.

Since its launch in the late 1990s the Logic GDS Salt spreader range has proved to be an invaluable winter maintenance tool to many different customers in a huge variety of industry and municipal sectors. Through its specific design for the UK market, which primarily uses road/rock salt, it provides a reliable and efficient method of application. In short, as testified by many satisfied customers, it works!

Product Features

The GDS Salt Spreader uses a moving-floor conveyor system similar to highway sized salt spreaders to convey the salt to the spinning disc system. The hopper will hold 270 litres (approx. 335kg) of road/rock salt and is capable of spreading all types of material, including wet rock salt, grit and sand. A unique agitation system and conveyor floor ensures wet or dry material can be spread effectively and accurately by a spinning disc. Working speeds of up to 15mph and road speeds between sites of up to 30mph mean wide areas can be covered quickly and efficiently.
The GDS Gritter is built to withstand the harsh conditions which occur when gritting with road/rock salt – the corrosive effects of salt can quickly bring equipment to a premature halt unless it has been designed to cope.
One of the major benefits of the GDS is that it can be towed behind any suitable towing vehicle, including ATVs/quads, UTVs,4x4s, pick ups, tractors, etc. This makes it very quick to deploy at the first signs of bad weather and for winter gritting jobs it dramatically reduces the time needed to complete the task, when compared to the manual alternative of spreading salt or gritting using shovels.

The GDS Salt spreader has application rates of between 5 – 80 grams/sq metre.

Spreading widths are variable with speed (for example spreading widths, see table below) and the unit can cast the salt to the left or right meaning that it can spread salt underneath parked cars.

Speed Spread width: 4mph –1.5m; 10mph–8.0m; 15mph–12.0m

Sweepex Brushes S219/S220

Sweepex Brushes S219/S220

What does this do?

The Sweepex is a non-powered sweeping brush for lighter, more frequent tasks. It mounts onto a Logic System20 chassis (a sub-chassis that fits onto the front of your quad or UTV and allows the attachment of front-mounted equipment). The Sweepex is tough and no-nonsense and comes in 1.2 (S219) or 1.5m (S220) widths. Quick-attach and with a manual raise and lower system, the Sweepex is brilliant for keeping yards, drives, roadways and paths clean and tidy

Why do I need one?

Makes sweeping an easy, efficient task

How does it work?

The Sweepex brush is easily attached onto the System20 chassis of your quad or UTV. The brush is lowered onto the surface and sweeps the debris into a suitable area or into a pile ready to be picked up using a shovel.

UTV Power Brush UTS215HR

UTV Power Brush UTS215HR

The Logic UTV Power Brush has a 1.68m rotating brush which is mounted onto a chassis that fits onto the front of a UTV.  The accurate brush height control is easy to set with a fine threaded height adjuster which means that brush wear is kept to the minimum. The standard unit is fitted with an electric lift raise/lower facility which allows the operator to place the brush in and out of work from within the cab via the wired remote control box.

The brush can be used straight or at varying angles to the left or right. This facility is also operated from the in-cab remote control box via a second electric ram.

Product features

The Logic UTS215 Power Brush has a 1.68m working width and a 5.5 hp petrol engine to provide ample power. The unit has a special end brush on one side which allows you to sweep right up to the edge of the kerb, building, etc. and can be set for left or right hand use.The brush is a quick-mount unit, designed to be used in conjunction with a Logic System 20 chassis. The System 20 chassis is mounted onto a suitable UTV (contact Logic to determine the model for your vehicle) and this provides the basis for mounting various attachments, including snow ploughs with widths of 1.5m and 1.7m, a fixed, non-powered brush and a general yard scraper.

Pro-Harrow LPH (ARENA)

Pro-Harrow LPH

What does this do?

The strong ’tilling’ action of the Pro-Harrow allows it to be used on arenas and all-weather gallops to dress the top surface and re-blend the components of a composite surface (such as sand/rubber chip).

Why do I need one?

In your arena or on an all-weather gallop, the harrow can be used to quickly dress the surface and re-blend the components together. Care must be taken to ensure that the membrane underneath an all-weather surface has sufficient depth of covering material to prevent the tines from catching the membrane and accidentally tearing it. The tines have a maximum penetration of 150mm and so the depth of covering should exceed this, being no less than 180mm across the whole of the all-weather surface area.


Surface Grader PG250

PG250 Surface Grader

The Logic Surface Grader or Menage Grader is quick and efficient at grading the menage, levelling any surface material, whether it be simply sand or one of the more sophisticated, softer compositions such as rubber chip. The optional bar of tines works deeper into the surface than the main levelling blade mixing and aerating the components. This is essential for rubber chip and bark surfaces but also beneficial for preventing compaction on any sand based surface.

It can be towed behind any suitable vehicle for the arena composition (if available, a quad is ideal for this sort of application because of its low ground pressure). The Grader is light to tow and offers ‘one pass’ levelling to ensure the arena is quickly back to its best, ready for the next session. Logic’s unique design ensures that this grader really does provide the best level surface possible.

If you are unsure about the correct specification you require for your surface please speak to Logic.


Ballast Roller BR (Equestrian)

Ballast Roller BR

The BR150/180 has a 1.5m or 1.8m wide roller which is robustly made with a heavy wall diameter for strength and performance.