Pro Sweep MSP (Mesh Bottom)


The Logic Pro-Sweep’s engine drives a 4′ (1.2 metre) rotary brush with 150mm long, stiff bristles, designed to sweep anything it comes into contact with into the hopper. It has a fine threaded height adjuster which is extremely easy to operate and setting the correct operating height takes just seconds. The unit can be trailed behind any appropriate vehicle with a tow bar. A centrifugal clutch on the engine allows the engine to be started without engaging the drive system. During the sweeping operation the engine is set to full revs via the remote throttle to engage the drive system to the brush.

A rope and handle are supplied as standard to allow the operator to discharge light hopper loads from the seated position of the towing vehicle. Another option is to tip the hopper using the metal pedestal fitted on the rear corner. Finally, for heavy hopper loads, a manual winch is available as an option.

Trailer Range STT

Trailer Range STT

The STT is a general purpose off-road trailer. It is a versatile asset and quickly becomes an almost indispensable tool. The standard unit has low sides for easy loading and unloading. It benefits from a very strong, all welded construction and has a fully hot-dip galvanised body. The standard construction features a strong, high quality timber floor which provides good grip for objects in the trailer although there is an option of an alloy treadplate floor if required.