Ballast Roller BR

Ballast Roller BR

The BR150/180 has a 1.5m or 1.8m wide roller which is robustly made with a heavy wall diameter for strength and performance.

Pro-Harrow LPH (paddock)

Pro-Harrow LPH

What does this do?

This is a harrow aimed at customers who are looking for a superior harrowing implement. It is far more efficient at removing moss and thatch from grass and has a stronger scarifying action. This makes it better at stimulating grass growth than a chain harrow as it allows more oxygen to get to grass-roots level. Spring tine harrows are also useful when seeding a paddock – harrow thoroughly, sow the seed then roll the surface with a Ballast Roller to firm the seed into the soil.

Why do I need one?

When using a harrow in paddocks, the dead grass is removed and scarifying the soil surface stimulates the growth of healthy new grass. If  re-seeding, the soil surface requires tilling first. All these things will help improve the grazing. If you need to harrow in awkward places (for example, reversing into corners) or easily move the harrow between paddocks, this version is for you.

The Pro Harrow can be used on menages to quickly dress the top surface and  is excellent on all-weather gallops, quickly grading the surface ready for the next session.

Pro Sweep MSP (Mesh Bottom)


The Logic Pro-Sweep’s engine drives a 4′ (1.2 metre) rotary brush with 150mm long, stiff bristles, designed to sweep anything it comes into contact with into the hopper. It has a fine threaded height adjuster which is extremely easy to operate and setting the correct operating height takes just seconds. The unit can be trailed behind any appropriate vehicle with a tow bar. A centrifugal clutch on the engine allows the engine to be started without engaging the drive system. During the sweeping operation the engine is set to full revs via the remote throttle to engage the drive system to the brush.

A rope and handle are supplied as standard to allow the operator to discharge light hopper loads from the seated position of the towing vehicle. Another option is to tip the hopper using the metal pedestal fitted on the rear corner. Finally, for heavy hopper loads, a manual winch is available as an option.

Terrator-Slitter LTA

The Logic Terrator is a towed slitter which produces deep slits in grassland surfaces in order to aerate the soil and improve grass growth. It is particularly useful for improving areas which have been damaged by heavy use. It can be towed behind any suitable vehicle, but is ideal for ATV use as this ensures that these damaged areas are not further compacted and rutted by the passage of towing vehicles such as tractors or 4x4s.

All those who work on the land know that soil structure is vitally important. Not only do you need the correct nutrients in the correct proportions but you also need soil structure that will support healthy and productive growth. It’s in the nature of the growing industry that equipment needs to be taken onto the land and this can create its own problems areas in dry, hard areas and wetter, lower-lying areas. Attending to good drainage is probably the first step in getting wet areas up to standard, but once the drainage is right, getting some structure into the soil is vital to bring the land into productive use.

The light, yet effective touch of an ATV and Terrator can help with this, and because it causes so little damage to softer areas, it can be used as often as is necessary to bring the land into good condition as quickly as possible. In hard areas, the Terrator is excellent for breaking up soil surfaces which have been compacted or capped, getting life-giving oxygen down to root level.

The Terrator features a 1.6m wide slitter and comes complete with transport wheels. The Terrator is towed to the ground where it is to be used. The unit is then flipped 180 degrees into the working position and the swivel hitch rotated 180 degrees.It is then towed across the ground until the task has been completed.. Optional ballast weights of 22.5kg (max of 5 permitted at once) are available for areas of very hard ground, to assist in blade penetration.

Super Harrow LSH

Super Harrow LSH

This represents the best in harrow technology. The Super Harrow has special spring tines mounted on a frame. This ensures that the tines are kept in firm contact with the surface at all times, giving superior dead grass removal and soil scarifying action. Developed by EinbockTM (the Number One brand for agricultural harrows) this technology pioneered organic weeding and plant stimulation methods. The 2.0m width gives good work rates and the tine settings are adjustable to cope with different conditions and for easy transport. A 12v electric ram lifts the tines from the ground, allowing trash to be easily cleared, rapid transport between sites and enabling the Super Harrow to be reversed into awkward corners.

The Logic Super Harrow has rows of spring tines mounted on a frame which can be towed behind any suitable vehicle, from an ATV to 4x4s or small tractors. The ATV option gives the Super Harrow excellent low ground pressure ability. The tine settings are adjustable and the frame is raised and lowered using a 12v ram. Construction benefits from Logic’s legendary strength and attention to detail.

Ballast Roller BR (Equestrian)

Ballast Roller BR

The BR150/180 has a 1.5m or 1.8m wide roller which is robustly made with a heavy wall diameter for strength and performance.

Heavy Duty Tipping Trailer SDT

Heavy Duty Tipping Trailer SDT

The SDT is an off-road trailer designed for hard work and heavy duty tipping tasks. It benefits from a very strong all welded steel construction and has a fully hot-dip galvanised body.

The tipping system is simple and strong, with flotation wheel and tyres (22×11-8) fitted as standard. There is also a turf tyre option if required. Swivel tow hitches and bead lock wheel rims come as standard for extra safety.