Weed Control at it’s best with Logic Sprayers

Weed Control at it’s best with Logic Sprayers

Trailed Sprayer TS660/680




Logic’s range of sprayers makes controlling weeds a simple task. Spraying weeds at the right time is essential to get the best results. Having your own, or sharing a unit like this avoids the problem of waiting for a friend or contractor to fit your work in.

They are simple, durable, built with high quality components to last for many years and are very easy to use. There is a large range of models to choose from to suit all requirements. Contact a Logic dealer or one of our main offices for further advice.

On Board or Trailed Sprayers are ideal for spot spraying through to whole field control as well as for general tidying up around yards and buildings. There is a wide model range powered by the host vehicle’s 12v electrical system, with tank capacities, hand lance and boom sizes to suit every situation.

Deck mounted sprayers are easy to mount into a UTV to provide a large 270 litre capacity, with the operation being controlled from the driver’s seat.

Weed Control at it’s best with Logic Sprayers!