Tackling volunteer weeds with the CTM600

First of our bi-annual updates on the performance of the CTM600 weed wiper.

G H Chennells Farms Ltd has embraced Logic’s market leading weed wiping technology with the recent installation of the Logic CTM600 weed wiper. This remarkable machine, procured through the efforts of salesman Howard Lyon from Sharmans Agricultural Ltd, promises to revolutionise weed control methods while enhancing the sustainability of the farm's high-value vegetable crops.

Gerry Adams, the farm manager at G H Chennells, is leading the charge in integrating the CTM600 into the farm's operations. This advanced weed wiper is set to tackle volunteer weeds that often pose a significant challenge to the cultivation of their premium vegetable crops, including beetroot, carrots, onions, parsnips, sugar beet, and potatoes.

Volunteer weeds can hinder crop growth, drain essential nutrients, and adversely impact yields. By utilising the Logic CTM600, G H Chennells Farms Ltd aims to substantially reduce the use of chemicals, which in turn will lead to significant cost savings. This strategic move not only ensures a cleaner and more efficient harvest but also underscores the farm's commitment to environmental sustainability.

"This technology aligns perfectly with our goals of improving operational efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint.” commented Mr Adams.

As part of Logic’s commitment to sharing valuable insights within the farming community, We aim to provide (with the help of G H Chennells Farms Ltd and other existing long standing CTM600 weed wiper customers) regular updates on the progress and performance of our CTM600 weed wiper. The machine's impact on weed control, chemical reduction, and crop sustainability will be documented here on our news page.

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