Price List  1st October 2021

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For the past 51 years, Logic has issued price lists to dealers and customers as required and part of the service we provide.

With the ongoing development of technology and the introduction of our new website, Logic has decided it is the right time to stop the unnecessary printing of price lists.

As an alternative, our dealer network and customers can always find an up-to-date price list here on our website.

If you still prefer a printed price list, they are available to order as a Logic part number PL-ATV2104 priced at £1 each + VAT including postage with a minimum quantity of 3 Units for postage efficiency.

For every price list we post, we will donate the whole £1 to the Woodland Trust to compensate for the timber being used in the production of this price list. In effect, donating your full payment as well as subsidising the cost of postage.

When we get back to attending shows, we will produce a simple customer double-sided retail price list for distribution with our brochures - watch the website for this development in the next couple of months.

Finally, we trust you understand why we are making this decision. We see it as a step forward and a simple way of contributing to a greener planet.  A digital price list also has the added benefit of ensuring you are always browsing the most up-to-date prices.

Please use the contact details below to order printed copies.
UK map for Logic Sales and Distribution
1. north & Export
Foundry Industrial Estate
Bridge End
NE46 4JL
+44 01434 606661
2. South
New Whiteway Works
Fossecross Industrial Estate
GL54 4NW
01285 720930
8:30AM - 5PM, Mon to Fri

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