World Famous Sycamore Gap Tree Felled

Believed to be a deliberate act of vandalism

We are extremely saddened by the news that one of our region's most iconic landmarks has been irreversibly devastated due to what appears to be an act of vandalism.
It has become one of the most photographed trees in the British Isles, as well as being a very personal location for many, including becoming a hotspot for proposals, stargazers and walkers alike.

In a statement, Northumberland National Park Authority said: "Northumberland National Park Authority can confirm that sadly, the famous tree at Sycamore Gap has come down overnight. We have reason to believe it has been deliberately felled. We are working with the relevant agencies and partners with an interest in this iconic North East landmark and will issue more details once they are known."

Logic Managing Director Simon Beniams has already contacted Northumberland National Park to propose they make something from the tree to preserve its presence and keep its story alive.

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