ATV Game Feeder/Broadcaster (85L) EBC-BD12

This 85 litre capacity, ATV game feeder is designed to quickly spread your chosen feed in a ride.

A simple manual lever allows your left hand to open and close the flow whilst leaving the motor running (separate switch). This allows the operator to easily feed for short bursts and place the feed exactly where it is required. The quick attach clamps on the mounting frame allows the removal of the feeder within a minute so the rear rack can be used for other tasks. When used with an ATV the benefits of low ground pressure means there is no significant damage to the ground even when wet.

This model is one of several options Logic offers to ensure the customer can choose the right capacity, spreading width and type of control to meet their specific requirements. Please see other models in the range. If the requirement is for a dedicated slug pelleter please see the Logic electrobroadcaster range.