12v De-Icing UTV - Pickup - 4X4 Spreader (300L) EBC-TS300PP

The EBC-TS300PP is sized to fit a UTV, Side by Side, Pick up, or trailer towed by any suitable vehicle

12v De-Icing Spreader (300L)

Spreading units of this type are ideal for specialist free-flowing de-icing products, in sensitive areas where Rock Salt would be too corrosive or where no messy residue is important, like hospitals, shops, airports, schools and railway stations etc.

These products are usually fully bio-degradable and are not harmful to humans, animals or vegetation. They are more effective than Rock Salt at lower temperatures, even down to -20* C in some cases.

The EBC-TS300PP is sized to fit a UTV, Side by Side, Pick up, or trailer towed by any suitable vehicle, where there is a significant area to cover, but using an every-day vehicle as the means of travel.

De-icing Spreader Range

This spreading unit has an un-laden weight of 70kg, sits on rubber pads and can be quickly secured using 4 tie down points, or if preferred, bolted down for permanent use. The overall dimensions are 950mm wide x 1020mm long x 880mm high and the stainless steel hopper has a capacity of 300lt.

The EBC-TS range of spreaders are designed to broadcast free flowing de-icing products. Each unit features stainless steel metering unit and corrosive resistant fixings. All these components are designed to achieve good performance over a long life.

The control box allows control of the feed and disc speed which dictates spread width, which is useful when moving from footpaths to roadways.

The metering plate bias adjustment permits spread patterns to one side or the other. The spreading disc has 4 vanes rather than 3, with more vane height than average spreading discs to prevent build up of material on the disc.

These spreading units can be used to either protect surfaces prior to expected frosts, or remove existing frost deposits, simply by adjusting the application rate.

For similar products see EBC-TS85PP and EBC-TS130PP.

Speak to a Logic dealer or see our retail price list for all options.

Standard Features

  • Powerful 12v DC sealed motor to ensure long life
  • Cushioned base allows easy securing on the carrying vehicle
  • Stainless steel spreading disc with 4 tall vanes
  • Bias setting to permit different spread patterns
  • Belt driven disc to improve motor life and starting torque
  • 2 speed disc control to provide 2m or 6m spread widths
  • 300ltr Stainless Steel hopper for durability and extended life
  • Remote control box to permit operation from the drivers seat



12v De-Icing UTV - Pickup - 4X4 Spreader (300L) EBC-TS300PP

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