4X4 UTV ATV - Pro Sweep MSP Muck Collector (Agriculture)

The Logic MSP120 ‘Pro-Sweep’ is ideal for collecting all loose materials such as cut grass, leaves and muck.

Pro Sweep MSP Muck Collector

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The new Logic MSP120 ‘Pro-Sweep’  Muck Collector has been developed from our hugely successful MSC sweeper.

Since its introduction, Logic have sold thousands of Pro Sweep MSP sweeper-collectors, the prime use being for quickly and efficiently picking up horse muck. If you are interested a horse muck collector for your setup, please click HERE

Another important customer group is llama and alpaca farmers – the principles of muck removal are the same, even though the nature of the droppings are completely different. The Pro-Sweep does the same efficient job, saving many hours of valuable time and effort. If this is your requirement please speak to Logic for further advice and customer referral.

Pro Sweep MSP -  Muck Collector

Standard Gearbox
High Speed Gearbox
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Typical specifications and guide prices

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North UK & Export:
+44 01434 606 661
South UK:
01285 720 930

Standard Features

  • 1.2 metre working width
  • Swivel tow hitch for safety
  • Floating drawbar for light, easy hitching and more compact storage
  • Remote throttle cable which is clipped onto the towing vehicle during use
  • Throttle cable ‘park’ to prevent tangles when machine is not in use
  • Easy to start Honda 5.5hp engine
  • Mesh topped hopper visually indicates when hopper is full
  • Mesh top easily removed for cleaning purposes
  • Strong manual winch for easy hopper emptying
  • Improved emptying height for easier midden production
  • Easy-action height setting adjuster with locking nut
  • Optional tine bar to assist with removal of stubborn dung piles
  • Useful capacity hopper (equivalent to approx. 6 wheelbarrows)
  • Large rear castor wheels for low ground pressure, stability and manoeuvrability
  • Open-wheel design prevents mud build-up in wet conditions allowing all-year-round use
  • Low ground pressure minimises damage to ground in wet conditions
  • New low-maintenance main shaft bearings
  • Useful for removing other debris such as twigs, leaves, acorns, grass clippings etc
  • Improved mechanicals to drive system extends maintenance periods
  • Lower maintenance suspension components


  • Optional tine bar

Why and where to use...

Muck Collector

The Logic Pro-Sweep is a 4' sweeping brush designed to sweep anything it comes into contact with into the hopper.

Although the primary use of this machine is for muck collection, it is also ideal for any required sweeping task such as leaf, grass or acorn collection.

Other less common applications include collecting cartridge wads and broken clay pigeons, clearing large areas of litter eg.open air agricultural shows or concerts. Finally, with the addition of a "mesh bottomed" hopper, many customers use this machine for the regular maintenance of Astro-turf sports pitches.

All of these uses confirm that the Logic Pro-Sweep is a very versatile piece of equipment.

*All prices are provided as a guide only.
Please contact your local dealer for latest offers and a precise specification based quote.


4X4 UTV ATV - Pro Sweep MSP Muck Collector (Agriculture)

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