Hanging Basket Watering System SLB610HB

A bowser provides a quick and easy way to get fresh water to the location of your choice. This model is designed to allow quick and easy watering of hanging baskets and is equally efficient when watering flower beds and other planted areas. This self-contained 600litre trailed unit with its own engine driven pump offers total flexibility as it can be towed by any vehicle with a towbar, rather than having to be towed by a tractor and powered by its PTO (power take off).

The flexibility of a simple, manual hose reel with 15m of hose allows the operator to  walk between watering areas. A 1″(25mm) self-fill hose gives the option of collecting water from a natural source eg. lake, stream, etc.

This is part of a range of bowsers which Logic offers – for other similar models, see the following:

SLB400 – 270litre trailed gravity feed bowser

SLB620/H/HM – 600litre gravity feed/engine bowser range