Surface Pro LSP150P - Trailed Arena Surface Conditioner

The Logic Surface Pro is a lightweight but strong surface grader designed for all-weather synthetic surfaces.

Surface Pro LSP150P (Arena)

The Logic Surface Pro – Trailed Arena Surface Conditioner – has been designed with a light but strong chassis with large low ground pressure wheels, which makes it so easy to handle and can be parked or hitched up to a suitable towing vehicle in seconds.

Many of today’s arenas contain synthetic surfaces incorporating mixed fibres, washed silica sand and waxed coatings.  These provide a stable, dynamic and evenly compacted surface.

When you have invested a lot of money on such a sophisticated all weather surface it needs regular and careful grooming. This will maintain the structure and ‘feel’ of the surface and will extend the life of the facility.

Standard Features

  • 1.5 metre width
  • Raise and lower by electric ram – with a control box switch, mounted close to the operator.
  • Depth adjustment – is controlled using a combination of rear roller, spring tine setting, into one of 3 holes and drawbar pitch.
  • Levelling Board – which is set in relation to the rear roller to provide a final levelling of material before consolidation by the rear roller. This is particularly useful on loose surfaces.
  • Adjustable drawbar for altering the hitch height to suit different towing vehicles.
  • Low ground pressure tyres 20 x 7-8 ensuring all round capability on hard and soft surfaces.
  • Swivel hitch with 50mm ball coupling.


  • Perimeter Plough – used to draw in material thrown up around the side boards. It is attached to the main frame and incorporates a parking bracket to locate the plough when not in use. It features a rubber leading edge to prevent any damage when running along the side boards.
  • Alternative Hitches – e.g. Clevis, for use behind other suitable towing vehicles


When working with horses and ponies on arenas, there is a tendency to create hard packed areas around the perimeter and where jumps are placed. These areas need to be conditioned to remove the compaction and return the surface to a level, even consistency with the right level of firmness for the desired discipline.

With the optional Perimeter Plough, this addition takes all the hard work of raking in the loose material from the perimeter boards which builds up over time from horse’s hooves and then can be re-incorporated into the surface.

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