Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper - CTM250

The Logic CTM250 is the Tractor mounted version of our popular Contact 2000 Weed Wiper.

Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper

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Weed Wipers

The CTM250T model has a three point linkage interface bracket which can be bolted facing front or rear depending on the required fitment to a tractor. A complete 12v wiring harness and control box is supplied on all models together with a chemical supply system - various tank sizes are available as well as an optional bout marker.

The brush on all tractor mounted models is driven by the hydraulic motor which is easily adjusted using a simple flow control, allowing the operator to set the optimum rotational speed.
Positioning the supplied control box in the cab close to the driver allows any adjustments to chemical flow rate to be carried out whilst on the move.

The interface bracket allows mounting on a tractor front linkage for excellent visibility in often difficult terrain. Alternatively the bracket will permit mounting in a reverse mode for rear facing work on tractors with a bi-directional reverse drive facility, which is a lot safer when tackling steep slopes.

Standard Features

  • CTM250 2.5 metre width
  • Contact 2000 contra-rotating chemical brush


  • Bout marker
  • CTM600 6 metre arable model available – without wheels, for use in crops such as sugar beet, oil seed rape, vegetable crops, etc.
  • CTM600 6 metre grassland model available - with wheels


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