Trailed Boom-less UTV ATV Sprayer TS625

Boomless sprayer with a 600 litre tank

Trailed Sprayer TS625

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This boom-less UTV ATV sprayer uses one or two Hypro XT020 broadcast nozzles to produce a spray width up to 11m with application rates up to 285 litres per hectare.

The engine driven pump provides up to 25 litres of liquid per minute and the twin broadcast nozzles are arranged to give even spray coverage of up to 4.8 metres to one side, or an overall width of up to 11 metres. The supplied Jack stand keeps the unit level when not in use, making it very easy to attach.

Standard Features

  • 600 litre tank
  • Honda engine c/w 25litre/minute diaphragm pump
  • 2 x Hypro XT020 boomless spray nozzles
  • 12v Remote (wired) electric on/off switch
  • Manual pressure regulation and agitation
  • Drain tap
  • Vented cap
  • 15 litre clean water tank



For maximum convenience, this sprayer is hard to beat. With a capacity of 600 litres it is capable of great work rates but is extremely easy to use and deploy. When used behind any suitable vehicle the TS625 is a simple spraying option which also offers a low ground pressure solution, allowing spraying to be carried out when conditions are too soft for anything else.

The boomless configuration is aimed at providing excellent spray coverage with minimum set-up for when you need to get herbicide or pesticide onto the land quickly and is ideal for spraying general grassland areas, field margins, between trees or even spraying steep bank-sides/dykes from the top.

Trailed Boom-less UTV ATV Sprayer TS625

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