Trailed Bowser SLB400

270 litre capacity trailed bowser

Trailed Bowser SLB400

A bowser provides a quick and easy way to get fresh water or liquid feed to the location of your choice.

This 270 litre version has a large diameter ventilated lid at the top of the unit to enable easy filling and the outlet is a 1.8m pipe (2 inch diameter) with a ¼ turn tap. Fill the tank from the supply - empty the tank via the pipe into your troughs or wherever it’s needed.

Standard Features

  • 270 litre capacity
  • Top-filling tank
  • Ventilated cap for easy draining
  • 1.8m x 2” diameter outlet pipe
  • ¼ turn outlet tap
  • Low ground pressure tyres
  • 50mm swivel ball hitch


  • Deck-mounted version: as per trailed bowser but mounted on a skid unit for mounting in trailer/pickup etc
  • Three-point Linkage version: as per deck-mounted but includes frame for mounting on tractor (three-point linkage)


Trailed Bowser SLB400

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