UTV ATV Flail Mower Scrub Buster MFT

Heavy duty top of the range flail mower for working in the harshest conditions

UTV ATV Flail Mower Scrub Buster MFT

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The Logic MFT “Scrub Buster” UTV ATV Flail Mower range is one of two Logic flail ranges available.

The Scrub Buster is designed to tackle heavy duty, rough conditions and when used in combination with an ATV/UTV provides access to rough or steep ground which may not be accessible to larger machinery.

This Logic flail mower range are the ideal machines to cut grass, rush, brambles, heather and other vegetation. However, this model range is also equally capable of cutting good quality grass in paddocks, offering a really good finish. When fitted with the low ground pressure tyre option, they allow access to wet ground, preventing wheel ruts and minimising damage.

See the MFP flail mower range for the other option, recommended for more general topping purposes. Also, the TRM rotary mower, suitable for regular topping/grass cutting on more even ground.

Logic’s MFT UTV ATV Flail Mower range comes in 1.0m and 1.2m cutting widths. All models are fitted with a quick off-set drawbar, anti-scalping roller, engine kill switch and easy height adjustment. Options include a choice of wheels alongside or wheels behind – this option improves access through narrow openings as well as allowing closer cutting up to walls/fences. Electric start and remote throttle controls are available.

A flotation wheel option is available for softer conditions on wheels alongside models only. Please note that wheels-behind options do place significant additional loading on the drawbar, so ensure that the towing vehicle is suitable – a jack is provided to assist hitch attachment and removal.

If you are unsure which mower best suits your particular requirements please refer to the TRM Rotary mower or Flail mower pages, view the videos available on the website or contact Logic directly.

Standard Gearbox
High Speed Gearbox
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Typical specifications and guide prices

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North UK & Export:
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Standard Features

  • Heavy duty top of the range flail mower for working in the harshest conditions
  • 1.0 m and 1.2m cutting widths available
  • 18hp Briggs & Stratton ‘V’ twin engine
  • Triple belts with manual lever engagement system
  • Emergency engine ‘kill-switch’
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Quick off-set drawbar
  • Anti-scalping roller
  • Wheels alongside for easy towing/balance
  • Wheels behind variant available: improves access through narrow openings and allows closer cutting up to walls/fences  (NB This option significantly increases weight on drawbar so please ensure towing vehicle is suitable).
  • Trail behind any suitable vehicle


  • Electric start
  • Remote throttle
  • Flotation wheels/tyres (wheels alongside models only)

Why and where to use...

UTV ATV Flail Mower

The MFT range fitted with 16 heavy duty hammer head flails and 18hp 'V' twin engine is designed to manage the roughest of conditions whether it is cutting heather, roadside verges and brambles, game cover crops, rush, woodland rides or any other rough areas which need mowing/topping.

However, it is equally comfortable topping paddock grass and carrying out any other general grass cutting tasks.The anti-scalping roller stops the flails hitting the ground which prevents any scalping as well as preventing any potential damage to the machine.

Another benefit of the flail is that all cut material is evenly distributed over the full width of the machine which allows it to break down more quickly and eliminates unsightly rows of cut material sometimes associated with rotary mowers.

*All prices are provided as a guide only.
Please contact your local dealer for latest offers and a precise specification based quote.


UTV ATV Flail Mower Scrub Buster MFT

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