UTV Salt Spreader PDS150D (Forestry)

Fits the rear carrying platforms of UTVs, pick-ups, trailers and any other flat bed surface, perfect for farm use.

Deck Mount PDS150D

When it comes to spreading de-icing products including wet rock salt, Logic has the answer.

The range of GDS and PDS Salt Spreaders have proved to be an invaluable winter maintenance tool for forestry, industry or municipal sectors. Features include a unique agitation system and moving-floor conveyor similar to highway sized salt spreaders, to convey salt to the spinning disc. Through this specific design for the UK market which primarily uses road/rock salt, it provides a reliable and efficient method of application and it works.

The PDS150D is sized to fit onto the rear carrying platforms of UTVs. Its design provides a low filling height, a low centre of gravity and even distribution of weight throughout the spreading process which is important for vehicle stability. Mounting is enhanced by rubber pads under the chassis and integral ring mounts for tie down straps.

PDS150F – Hydraulically driven Fork Lift / telehandler models also available.

Standard Features

  • Un-laden weight 195kg
  • Hopper capacity 270lt
  • Rock salt payload 300kg (Approx)
  • Gross weight 500kg
  • Power unit 3.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Spread width 3-14 metres, with 2 speed selectable high and low range, in cab controls
  • Corrosion protection Stainless steel hopper, conveyor bed and chassis


  • Tonneau cover


This unit is ideal for roads, quarries, industrial sites, hire fleets, car parks etc. etc. At a spreading rate of 10g/sq m, on a road 3m wide, 11kms can be covered with one load.

UTV Salt Spreader PDS150D (Forestry)

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