Agriculture Paddock & Yard Cleaners

Clean paddocks are important to maintain a healthy environment for your horse’s well-being.

Agriculture Paddock & Yard Cleaners

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Why buy Logic Paddock & Yard Cleaners?

  • MSP Muck Collector
  • Large hopper with easy to use winch unloading system.
  • Can be towed by any suitable vehicle.
  • Easy brush height adjustment.
  • Large low ground pressure wheels
  • Optional MSP121 tine bar to break up more solid heaps of rubbish or animal droppings before collection brush
  • System 20 Front Mounted Attachments
  • Quick attach front mounted equipment.
  • Chassis does not affect critical parts of the vehicle.
  • Chassis can be easily removed from the vehicle mounting brackets when attachment not in use.
  • Raise/lower via simple over-centre lever or electric actuator.
  • Sturdy construction for long life.
  • Enables much more use of the host ATV or UTV.

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