Heated ATV Grips ATV049L2

Combat wind chill - even in summer

Heated ATV Grips ATV049L2

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Logic Heated ATV Grips have been specifically design for utility ATVs to provide warmth and comfort to users in conditions ranging from mild chill to very cold.

The kit includes all required parts to mount on a wide range of ATVs. Comprehensive fitting instructions are included.

Once fitted, these Heated Handlebar Grips are simply connected to the ATV electrics either direct to the battery or via the ATV ignition to provide welcome warmth when required.

Switch unit provides Off/High/Low setting to cope with varying conditions.

Standard Features

  • Combat wind chill – even in summer
  • Specially designed for ATV handlebars
  • Unique grip clamping system – No glue required
  • Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear
  • Weatherproof sealed control
  • ATV-sized wiring harness
  • All fittings included – c/w expandable bar end plugs
  • Accessory connector on wiring harness
  • High & Low heat settings
  • Draws under 3.2amps


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Heated ATV Grips ATV049L2
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