ATV UTV Harrow - Pro-Harrow LPH (Agriculture)

Pro-Harrow, designed for superior harrowing of all grassland surfaces, using EinbockTM spring tines.

Pro-Harrow LPH (Agriculture)

The strong ’tilling’ action of the Pro-Harrow enables extremely effective removal of moss and thatch from grassland areas as well as managing the surface of arenas and all-weather gallops.

When using a harrow on grassland, the dead grass is removed and as the soiI is scarified, it stimulates the growth of healthy new grass - this process also helps when reseeding.

On your arena or on an all-weather gallop, the harrow can be used to quickly dress the surface and re-blend the components together. Care must be taken to ensure that the membrane underneath an all-weather surface has sufficient depth of covering material to prevent the tines from catching the membrane and accidentally tearing it. The tines have a maximum penetration of 150mm and so the depth of covering should exceed this, being no less than 180mm across the whole of the all-weather surface area.

Standard Features

  • 2.0m working width
  • 34 Genuine EinbockTM spring tines
  • Transport  wheels allow easy movement between sites
  • Simple manual raise/lower lever
  • 3 position lever to adjust action



Arenas and all-weather gallops.Paddocks and any grassed area - please see Harrows section for more information on this product for this requirement.

ATV UTV Harrow - Pro-Harrow LPH (Agriculture)

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