Off-Road 4X4 UTV ATV Trailer OXR (Agriculture)

Very strong construction featuring a fully galvanised chassis and body.

Off-Road 4X4 UTV ATV Trailer OXR

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The OXR is an off-road trailer designed to be large enough to carry an ATV in the load area.

It is a versatile asset  and quickly becomes an almost indispensable tool, whether working behind an ATV, UTV, compact tractor or 4×4 vehicle.

The standard unit has low sides for maximum configurability. It benefits from very strong construction and has a fully galvanised chassis and body.

The standard construction features an immensely strong, high quality phenolic resin-coated ply floor with an option of an alloy tread-plate floor if required.

A 50mm swivel tow hitch and bead lock wheel rims come as standard for extra safety and conform to HSE regulations.

Standard Gearbox
High Speed Gearbox
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Typical specifications and guide prices

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Standard Features

  • Trailer body dimensions: 2250 x 1310 x 300mm
  • Galvanised chassis and body for durability
  • Quality phenolic resin coated ply floor for strength and long life
  • Bead lock wheel rims for added safety
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch
  • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure


  • Extended panel headboard (0.9m)
  • Extended mesh sides – hinged
  • Extended panel sides – fixed (gives 0.9m panel height)
  • Extended ramp tailgate c/w stock gate
  • Extended tailgate with ‘Logic’ treadplate ramps
  • Divider gate
  • Tandem axle
  • Alloy treadplate floor
  • Turf tyre option available

Why and where to use...

Off Road Trailer

As with all Logic off-road trailers, a major advantage of the OXR is its low ground pressure, meaning that you can gain access to the land in conditions that would be impossible with a tractor or even a 4×4. The ability of an ATV /UTV and OXR to almost float over the ground allows access to the land even when it is wet and muddy.

Clever design means that the OXR is ideal for many situations. The trailer can be used with low sides when required and then can be quickly converted to high sided for transporting sheep or calves or other bulky materials such as fencing, logs, leaves, grass cuttings, etc.

The tandem axle model is available for working on rough ground whilst the turf tyre model is ideal for working on more delicate grass surfaces such as golf courses, parks, sports pitches, etc.

*All prices are provided as a guide only.
Please contact your local dealer for latest offers and a precise specification based quote.


Off-Road 4X4 UTV ATV Trailer OXR (Agriculture)

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