Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper - CTM600W (Grassland)

The Logic CTM600 Contact 2000 is the flagship Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper in our range.

CTM600W Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper (Grassland)

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Weed Wipers

The Logic Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper CTM600W – Contact 2000 is the flagship of our tractor mounted weed wiper range and is the most advanced and efficient weed wiper (weed licker) system available. All CTM models have been designed for mounting on a tractor’s three point linkage whilst the chemical supply pump is powered by the tractor’s 12v electrics. The CTM600W has a 6 metre working width and a 270 litre on board chemical tank offering work rates of between 13 acres (5Ha) and 20 acres (8Ha) per hour, depending on forward speed and terrain.

The Logic CTM600W consists of a hydraulic function selector to move the outer brush units to the working position and to power the brush sections. During operation, the grassland model runs on its four wheels and floats over the ground when the hydraulics are put into “float” mode – this ensures the 6 metre boom follows the contours of the ground which is critical when working on rough or undulating ground. The two outer wings incorporate a resettable, hydraulic break-back facility to protect the machine against damage from unforeseen obstacles.

The unique, contra-rotating brush ensures that each weed plant is liberally coated with chemical, ensuring rapid and effective weed control while at the same time eliminating chemical wastage and leaving un-targeted plants, such as valuable grass and clover or arable row crop, untouched. Huge chemical savings can be achieved using Contact 2000 compared with conventional blanket spraying along with other additional environmental benefits.

The 12v electric pump supplies the chemical at a controlled rate via the (in-cab) control unit ensuring the correct saturation of chemical on the brush, depending on weed density – the override button can be used at any point to supply extra chemical to the brush for treating more dense area of weeds. With the height set correctly to target just the weed plants which require treatment, the unit is simply switched on to start the brush rotating and the unit is moved across the area needing treatment. An optional bout marker is available to provide a visual indicator of the area covered.

The Contact 2000 Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper system ensures effective measures can be taken against many common weed species (e.g. rush, bracken, thistle, dock, nettles, weed beet, blackgrass, fat hen and volunteer plants, etc).

Contact 2000 is suitable for use with many Environmental/Stewardship schemes.

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Typical specifications and guide prices

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Standard Features

  • CTM600W – fully hydraulic 6 metre working width
  • Contact 2000 contra-rotating chemical brush
  • In-cab controls for all operations including chemical application
  • 270 litre on-board chemical tank. 9 litre/minute pump (at working pressure)
  • Category 2 and 3 linkage
  • Two rear LED lights incorporating side, brake and indicator
  • Transport dimensions: 2.5m (l) x 2.4m (w) x 2.9m (h)
  • Working dimensions: 2.5m (l) x 6.4m (w) x 1.5m (h)
  • Unladen weight 950kg: laden weight 1220kg (including 270 litres chemical mixture)
  • Recommended tractor 100hp+. Hydraulic flow requirement 50litres/minute
  • Requires 2 x double actuating hydraulic valves
  • Lifting brackets incorporated into main frame to allow machine to be safely lifted on telehandler/fork lift tines


  • Bout marker
  • CTM600 cereals model – without wheels, for use in crops such as sugar beet, oil seed rape, vegetable crops, etc.
  • CTM250 2.5 metre 3 point linkage model and power arm model plus trailed CTF range

Why and where to use...

Weed Wiper

Grassland Applications: The Contact 2000 system ensures effective measures can be taken against many common weed species (e.g. rush, bracken, thistle, dock, nettles, weed beet, blackgrass, fat hen and volunteer plants, etc).

*All prices are provided as a guide only.
Please contact your local dealer for latest offers and a precise specification based quote.


Tractor Mounted Weed Wiper - CTM600W (Grassland)

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