Weed Wiper – Tractor Mounted CTM250

These Contact 2000 models are designed for customers who prefer to use a tractor for weed wiping – the standard 2.5 metre wide unit utilises the tractor’s hydraulics and can be fitted to either the front or rear three point linkage or with the additional fitment of the universal hedge cutter interface bracket, an existing hydraulic power arm can be utilised. All tractor mounted models retain all the other unique and long established features and benefits of the Contact 2000 weed wiper system.

The brush is driven by the hydraulic motor which is easily adjusted using a simple flow valve, allowing the operator to set the optimum rotational speed. Positioning the control box in the cab close to the driver allows any adjustments to chemical flow rate to be carried out whilst on the move.

The three point linkage Interface bracket can be bolted facing front or rear depending on the required fitment to a tractor. The ability to set up the unit rear facing is beneficial when treating difficult slopes. Travelling in reverse is often a lot safer and this arrangement becomes ideal for tractor models with a bi-directional reverse drive facility.

The use of the Contact 2000 fitted to the hydraulic power arm of a hedge cutter opens up endless possibilities for weed wiping. Weeds can be controlled in otherwise out of reach areas such as roadside, waterside and railway embankments although the machine is equally at home carrying out regular weed wiping duties in everyday situations.

For any farming or contracting customers already owning a hedge cutter, this option gives access to a highly specialised machine with minimum outlay.