Forestry Mowers, Sweepers and Harvesters

Logic Mowers, Sweepers & Harvesters are of exceptional build quality and robust construction.

Forestry Mowers, Sweepers and Harvesters

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Why buy Logic Mowers, Sweepers & Harvesters?


  • Great access with an ATV/UTV especially in confined areas
  • Keep weeds under control
  • Rougher ground can be managed accordingly
  • Exceptional build quality
  • MFT & MFP flail mowers ideal for cutting heavier material
  • TRM rotary mowers ideal for topping large areas of grass quickly


  • Easy and very accurate brush height adjustment.
  • Optional mesh floor for infill and redistribution.
  • Large hopper with easy to use winch unloading system.
  • Can be towed by any suitable vehicle.
  • Large low ground pressure wheels


  • Floatation wheels fitted as standard for use on soft ground/rough conditions
  • Remote controlled height adjustment MSH420/ manual height adjustment MSH320
  • Brush is constructed of sturdy 150mm nylon bristles mounted in a strong frame.
  • MSH420 features draw bar with 3 operating positions
  • Large capacity hoppers

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