Forestry Salt Spreaders

The clearing of snow and ice is essential to keep your  estate or business functioning efficiently.

Forestry Salt Spreaders

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Why buy Logic Salt Spreaders?

  • All Logic GDS and PDS salt spreaders employ the same moving floor technology found in highway sized machines, available with hydraulic, engine or ground drive.

  • The Logic Salt Spreader is the quickest, most efficient way to reduce the risks of slipping hazards on roads and yards and can be teamed up with ATV’s, UTVs, 4 x 4s, tractors, tele-handlers and forklifts.

Logic professional Salt Spreaders feature hopper length moving floor & agitator to spread wet rock salt and all granular de-icing products. Designed to be towed by or mounted on a wide range of vehicles. Effective, reliable and efficient winter maintenance.

Ground Driven GDS150 and GDS250models are available with two options of equipment. The ‘R’ models have full lighting and mudguards; the ‘S’ models have no lighting or mudguards when the machine would only be used on a private site or in a traffic-free environment.

Engine Driven PDS354RB provides a complete ‘Highway Use’ specification, type-approved by the VCA. Travelling at normal road speeds allows maintenance of multiple sites in different locations, making it ideal for contractor use. Once the engine speed is set, the spreading mechanism can be switched on and off using the wired remote control box mounted in the cab of the towing vehicle, within easy reach of the driver.

Deck Mounted 354 Units can be secured into a pick-up, flatbed truck or onto a trailer. Importantly, this deck-mounted version has a gross weight of1000kg, which makes it ideal for the 1-tonne capacity 4x4 pick-up and other suitable vehicles. This makes use of an existing fleet vehicle as a professional salt spreading asset.

3 Point Linkage Mounted Unit PDS150T provides a compact, easy-to-use system with a low filling height, low centre of gravity, and even distribution of weight during the spreading process, essential for vehicle stability.

Fork Lift Units PDS150F and PDS150F1 are hydraulically driven and sized to fit onto the tines of a forklift or telehandler. Their design provides a low filling height and low centre of gravity. Mounting is straightforward, using pallet fork tubes to slide into with locking pins behind the fork uprights. PDS150F units are suitable for machines 1.5T to3.5T with up to 70ltr/min oil flow rate. PDS150F1 units are suitable for machines 3.5T + with 70+lt/min oil flow rate.

Deck Mounted Units - Mounting onto a vehicle rear platform is enhanced by rubber pads under the chassis to grip the surface. Integral ring mounts are included to assist in securing with tie-down straps. PDS150D can be mounted into any suitable utility vehicle or pick-up (shown below).

Where can salt spreaders be used?

Logic salt spreaders are most useful in areas where larger spreaders are unable to operate. As such, they are particularly sought after for use in Distribution Hubs, Quarries, Hospitals, Supermarket & Municipal Car Parks, Universities and Schools etc. 

Although the above counts for a significant number of our sales each year, Logic Salt Spreaders are also used by...

Local Authorities - Factories - Country Estates - The Royal Mail - Power Stations - Retail Parks - Shopping Centres - Ferry Terminals & Ports - Equestrian Yards/Livery Yards - Winter Maintenance Contractors - Landscape Contractors - Facilities Management Companies - MOD sites - Distilleries - Dairies - Sports venues/football grounds etc. - Zoos and theme parks - Wind farms - Prisons - Industrial Sites - Industrial Units - Private roads - Private drives - Farm roads - Parish Councils - Horse racing venues - Motorsport venues - Builders Merchants and more.

If you have a pathway or drive that needs to be kept clear of ice, using a Logic Salt Spreader can be a cost-effective solution. It is especially true when considering that it almost certainly utilises equipment you already have, such as an ATV, UTV or Pick up, etc.